How to make the 2018 Decor trends work for you

This is the time of year when we’re usually reading all sorts of predictions (from Home decor magazines and blogs alike) for all the forthcoming Interior trends. Much like anyone else who has more than a fleeting interest in home decor, I enjoy reading these articles and seeing how ‘hit and miss’ my own predictions are for the year ahead, and how much (or how little!) my own interior style reflects them.

In years gone by I’ve not done too badly. Shabby chic, neutrals and even scandi – style trends are all pretty user-friendly, and easily achievable looks, so it’s easy to see why all of these styles feature in my home to some degree. I’ve also learned over the years to take some of these predictions with a pinch of salt – and not worry about having to slavishly reproduce a look or incorporate a trend in order to have a well dressed home that’s pleasing to the eye.

What I tend to do personally when these predictions and all the new Spring ranges come out, is cherry pick just the odd item or two that will fit in well with my existing decorating style but that gives a little nod to the impending trend (a bit like you would maybe buy a handbag in bright yellow, rather than wear that colour top to toe).

Of all the trending looks this year, here are the ones that I think are the easiest to incorporate into your home if like me you’re struggling to keep up with all the bold colours, dark wood and rich patterns that are being predicted and which may not totally resonate with your own personal style.


  1. Industrial style – Personally I like a little bit of Industrial chic ; it’s a really good way of adding a little edge if you have an overtly feminine decorating style as I do – and the easiest way to bring this trend into your home is through storage and lighting. There are lots of Industrial pendant lights around at the moment that would look very at home in a cottage or period home. Industrial doesn’t have to mean lots of oppressive dark metal – there are plenty of industrial looking pendants that are mostly glass (above) that lighten the look. Try using a metal log-basket or other metal containers for storage (zinc works well too if you don’t tend to decorate with darker colours).

2. Texture and Organic shapes – Of all the new trends I think this is probably going to be the easiest to follow – ceramics and pottery (even serving bowls and dinner plates) in slightly irregular shapes and natural colours go well with all the organic and slightly rougher materials that are really gaining in popularity, like linens, chunky knits and concrete, as seen in this candleholder from The Contemporary Home (below).

3. Botanicals – Plants are going to be big this year (literally!), not only on fabrics (I’ve seen some lovely hyancinth print cushion covers in H&M) and as framed prints, but houseplants are set for a revival (bad news for me and other serial killers of houseplants, there’s a lot of us out here!), and we are going to see a lot of larger, outdoor plants (like fig trees) being brought into the home for use as decor.

(Image: Sainsbury’s Home)

4. Brass,Copper & Gold – all of these metals are set to be really popular this year. Luckily their warmth means they’ll sit really well with softer decorating styles (like this vintage-inspired lamp) and especially with a paler country palette.


There’ll no doubt be lots of Gold in all the spring home accessory ranges on the high street but for a timeless way to introduce this trend display a copper pan or two in your kitchen (it’s also a really ‘safe’ way to inject some colour into an all-white kitchen)…or if your kitchen houses an island unit, think about some copper legged, vintage-inspired stools to add both colour and character. I also think that Rose-gold might be here to stay. The reason? Just have a read below!

5. Blush pink – I saved the best till last because I knew this one would put a smile on a lot of your faces. I’ve been seeing a LOT of Blush pink in a lot of blogger’s homes across the pond and it has always been one of my go-to colours, especially for spring as it goes so well with my other big love, grey. It is such a lovely accent colour and the reason why it’s all set to trend is because it pairs so well with those gold-toned metals I just pointed out – but also because of how well it sits with Dulux’s colour of the year, Heartwood, a cross between a warm pink and soft brown.

Storage boxes available from Brissi

Blush Pink cushion from Asda


6. Dark Furniture – The trend towards darker furniture continues this year, following everyone’s obsession with Farrow and Ball colour ‘Downpipe’ in 2017. Whilst I absolutely love all the white, chippy and shabby pieces of furniture in my home, I got a little restless last year and started to hanker for a bit of an update/change.. While I wasn’t sure whether the depth of ‘Downpipe’ was really my thing (or was I just not brave enough??) I wanted to go darker and chose a lovely mid-grey (‘Flint’ by Rustoleum) to paint my Dining room dresser in, which was a good middle ground. The trend is for darker cabinetry generally, especially in kitchens – but a good compromise is to have one statement piece in the darker colour (like this beautiful island unit from Tom Howley kitchens, below) which won’t overwhelm a smaller space, or if you prefer to #styleitlight with paler colours.

and my own little prediction?

7. Farmhouse decor – a little shabby, a lot rustic – this style is making it’s way over from across the pond and embraces so many of the styling elements I love – Calligraphy in wall art and on cushions, lots of white teamed with wood, painted floors and a bit of industrial style thrown in for good measure. You don’t even need a farmhouse to enjoy it – this style looks great anywhere….(You heard it here first 🙂 )

Hopefully I’ve given you all a bit of inspiration to go forward with into early Spring, and some ideas for easy and affordable changes you can make to bring at least one of the 2018 trends into your home. Remember – just keep it ‘you’ and you can’t go far wrong. Thanks for visiting Lovelies xxx

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