‘Hello Spring’ or : How to get ahead for Easter…

Hello Lovelies…

It starts round about now… that slow and delightful infiltration of our homes by Daffodils and Hyacinths and all things pastel. Even if you’re not a ‘pretty’ decorator by nature (pardon the pun), Spring’s call to arms is difficult to resist, and before you know it you’ll be snapping up Spring blooms with your supermarket shop left, right and centre.

And central to all of this?… a slow, steady march (!) towards that lovely time of year we call Easter. Yes I’ve said it – and don’t pretend you haven’t been thinking about it too – that little seed has been lurking somewhere, most likely every time you’ve walked past the homeware aisle at Sainsbury’s…

Let’s face it ladies, we’re probably going to be popping a few little treats into our baskets in the month or so before the big weekend (which incidentally falls on April 12th this year). So why not make sure that what we’re choosing will fit right in with your Easter decorating plans? To me, ‘Easter’ is more than just one weekend anyway – it encompasses a blurry time-frame between mid March and April, a magical time it seems, when all things wake from a deep winter slumber and spring to life.

With that in mind I’ve chosen a little roundup of items that I think will get your Easter decorating off to a good start…

Somewhere pretty to store your eggs…

(Photo courtesy of  eBay)

You may have one of these already – but a pretty egg store or basket is a very lovely way of displaying real eggs now, and ornamental eggs for the Easter season (the one featured above is from Sylvester Oxford on eBay). Little cabinets are really enchanting, but a wirework basket (a chicken shaped one would be darling!) works just as well and may have the advantage of holding slightly more eggs (some protective straw in the bottom will look really pretty topped with painted eggs for Easter)

(Photo courtesy of Wayfair.co.uk.)

A Pretty cushion inspired by Mother Nature

(Cushion photo courtesy of ‘The Contemporary Home’)

There are also some wonderfully sweet cushions popping up around now, and I sometimes prefer choosing a design with a bit more longevity that will last the course and won’t look too out of place between now and Easter… Choose a Spring motif –  for instance Boxing hares, a spriggy Spring floral or Rabbits.

Spring (to me anyway) is also officially the start of Bunting season…

This is one of those ‘Where do I begin…?’ moments. Bunting- wise there are so many styles to choose from. Sometimes you see something so pretty and perfect for Easter that there is no contest – if that’s the case then great. For example I saw this from ”The Contemporary Home’ the other day and fell head- over- hoppity- heels in love!

(Bunting photo’s courtesy of  ‘The Contemporary Home’)

If you’re stuck for choice or want your decor up for a little longer try my personal favourite –  a string of hessian or plain bunting in pastels or the new Spring brights which can stay up from now until then.

A Pretty Spring Wreath

One of my favourite places for Easter decor this year has to be ‘The Contemporary Home‘ and their choice of wreaths in particular is stunning.

(Wreath photo’s courtesy of ‘The Contemporary Home’)

If your budget won’t stretch to a new wreath (especially if you’re already making big plans for the Easter holidays and the weekend itself) then you can always use an existing foliage wreath as a base and add in a few Easter touches such as eggs, flowers or feathers (now there’s an idea for a tutorial…watch this space!)

Happy Shopping for now,

V xxx


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