A Little Cottage Easter

The most fun I ever had at Easter was when the boys were tiny (well – in primary school at least). The day would be filled with extended family, a huge Sunday lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden which would last the best part of an hour there were so many hidden places to search…

These days Easter is a quieter affair and while the faces around the table may have changed due to life and circumstance, my love of this holiday remains the same. What I love most about it is that Easter is a time for hope and renewal, so it’s no accident that traditional Easter decor centres around eggs, chicks, bunnies and the abundant Spring flowers adorning every garden and hedgerow this time of year.

As always my dressers get a seasonal makeover. This year there seems to have been a bit of a bunny population explosion inside my little cottage and they are quite literally everywhere.

A little pre-Easter break away to the Cotswold’s this year was mainly responsible – impossibly pretty at any time of year anyway, the sugar almond pastels in every shop window proved too much to resist. This little climbing bunny just happens to be my favourite from there.

Having seen lots of very beautifully painted Kilner jars in the shops and online recently I was inspired to give some very humble jam jars a chalkboard bunny makeover (complete with mini pom-pom bunny tail). I’ll be labelling and using them as fun Tea, Coffee and Sugar canisters on the day.

For Easter, my egg safe which normally lives in the kitchen has a change of scenery and goes to live in the Dining room. The Dove-grey and brown speckled eggs inside it were both Mad March purchases from TK Maxx. The pretty Pussy-willow arrangement in a milk churn from Sainsbury’s brings a bit of country farmhouse charm to my dresser.

Perhaps the most fun I’ve had preparing was deciding what to put inside Mr. Rabbit’s Easter basket. I loaded him up with both a basketful of eggs and also tried out these beautiful carrots from Little Seed Handmade. In the end there was no contest, the carrots won the day!

There’s only one way to begin Easter Sunday in our home – with eggs, both chocolatey AND softly boiled with a very runny yolk…

As I’ve mentioned in passing before I love a Charity/thrift shop and my lovely High street is choc (sorry!) full of them. These little Hen Egg cups were a lovely surprise find in one just a few weeks ago – I can hardly believe someone gave them up just before Easter.

My Easter home is never complete without an Easter wreath (inside the back door as I don’t have a protective canopy or porch around my front door) and as I have had this one for quite a few years I chose to give it a little update with a pretty hand-sewn bunny from Little Seed Handmade. Perfect!

Whatever your plans everyone, I hope they are fun, and filled with the blessings of friends, family and those you love all around.

Happy Easter, from my home to yours…

V xxx

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