A Really Floral Easter

Hello Lovelies,

Easter in my home wouldn’t be complete without some pretty Spring blooms to enjoy. I love breathing life into a room with flowers, and instantly transforming it with their colour and scent.

This Easter I was the lucky recipient of a seasonal Spring bouquet from The Real Flower Company who are passionate about reviving our love of the English scented garden roses, foliage and herbs that make up their beautiful arrangements.



I only wish I could share the delicious aroma of this bouquet with you all – sprigs of Sage, Mint and Rosemary nestled in among the highly scented and delicate pinks of English Miss, Peony pink and O’Hara roses, along with Lavender and Lilac. Such a simple, but wonderful idea – I can’t remember the last time I have been so overwhelmed by the scent of a bouquet. Sadly over the years, so many varieties of flower (and roses in particular) have had their scent genetically removed to make them last longer and as a result, the magically sensory experience of receiving flowers has changed so much from what it used to be.



The Real Flower Company are all about recreating that experience once more, and making these highly fragrant blooms available again. All their bouquets are created by experienced florists in the bucolic setting of the company’s flower farm in West Sussex that is dotted with beehives, and where bantam hens roam freely keeping aphids under control. Arrangements are sent out from here in the prettiest green, ribbon tied boxes (visit my Instagram to see!)



…and whilst there may be something to be said for the concept of flowers through the letterbox, for me there is nothing quite like a skilfully hand-tied and beautifully fragrant bouquet to really bring the essence of Springtime into a home.

Happy Easter everyone.

V x










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