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It’s not exactly a secret that I’m not January’s biggest fan. It’s colder, the days seem darker, the glittery parties are over and most, if not all of the decorations, are put away for another year. The house is looking a little sad and bare, and after putting so much effort into decorating for Christmas, January and February can leave all of us feeling a little bit flat and lacking in inspiration. So I just wanted to share with you what it is I do after Christmas in my own home to make what’s left of our Winter feel as cosy and welcoming as possible…


Perfect for all seasons…the grey striped linen table-runner (above) and grainsack cushion (below) add a hint of French Country style – both available from Maison Brocante .

                                                                   Let there be {fairy} light

Think of all the things that made your home in December a really cosy place to be…My fairy lights were on throughout most of the day and evening in December which I loved, so for me they’re essential to lifting the gloom of those Winter days and nights. Once the tree is away, I wind a few strings of lights elsewhere – around objects on my dresser shelves for example – to throw a little extra light into the room, or by threading them around a peg rail I have in my Dining room.



They also look just as pretty wound around a coat rack in the hallway or along a shelf in the kitchen. I also love placing them inside glass storm lanterns or small jam jars (see below) – great for throwing light into otherwise dark corners.



Everything looks so much softer and warmer by candlelight so on those darkest of January days I’ll light candles and tealights, often in the middle of the afternoon . These beautiful candlesticks were from homeware boutique fabaclay and look wonderful wherever they’re placed.



My zinc tea-light houses stay out year round and I love how they look lined up along a shelf or dresser. They’re also a safer way of having candles on display – alternatively use battery operated tealights if you’re not keen on naked flames in the house.



Mercury glass votives are also lovely to keep out past Christmas and bring some welcome sparkle to the gloom of January evenings, especially when clustered together.



Pinecones and Greenery



Pinecones were definitely having a ‘moment’ this Christmas and I think they’re far too pretty to be put away just yet.



I’ve found that having lots of pastel colours in the house just doesn’t sit well with me right now – but it’s a look I love once Valentines and Spring is in full swing. So I tend to stick with Whites, natural bark and greenery/wreaths until then.



If like me you went with a slightly rustic, farmhouse/woodland theme this year, keep the look going for just a little longer – dot a few pine cones about in wirework / rattan baskets or tank vases, and hang plain unadorned wreaths like this boxwood one below (from Oscar and French ) on the backs of your doors – for a look that is more Winter, less Christmas. 



                                               Pile on the throws (and cushions, of course)

Furry and chunky cable-knit throws or cushions look (and feel) fabulous in Winter rooms adding lots of texture (really important if you’ve all-white or pale/neutral decor to stop the room looking ‘flat’), as well as for snuggling under on the sofa.



Spreading a little winter cheer… proving that Robins aren’t just for Christmas – this pompom trimmed cushion (from Country Abodes ) adds warming winter colour to my living room . Quote code ‘15%OFF’ at checkout for a discount exclusive to Vintage Heart Home…x


They’re also a practical addition especially if you live in an older or period home with single glazing, which can get really chilly this time of year. Mine are used as seat warmers (no-one likes to sit on freezing cold benches at dinner time!) and as an extra layer in my bedroom to stop all-white bedding both looking and feeling ‘cold’.



I also layer sofa’s and bench seats up with cable-knit, fur and velvet textured cushions – all of these fabrics are warm to the touch and create a more inviting surface to sit and lean back on. The pretty cushions I’ve used above and below (can you tell I love a Pompom?!) are from Country-style interiors boutique Country Abodes .



Chocolate anyone? {with an extra little SOMETHING}

One thing everyone in the house loved over Christmas was having a Hot Chocolate/Coffee station set up near the kitchen. It was so nice having a dedicated spot for making Hot chocolate and Lattes, complete with jars of Baby Marshmallows, sprinkles and tiny Gingerbread men as cream toppers.



We’ve kept ours going through January as, if anything, it’s colder now than it was in December and there’s nothing quite like a hot chocolate just before bed ..and I’ll let you in on something we’ve been doing over here for a little while now…adding just a cheeky dash of Irish cream at bedtime…x

So there it is – just a little insight into a few of the things I do over here at VHH to get my decor in the new year off to a cosy start…I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and been even the tiniest bit inspired to make some warming Winter changes in your own home – thank you for visiting and Stay warm Lovelies xxx

V xxx

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