Where it all began (Part 1)… xxx

Hello Lovelies,

Although I’ve lived in our cottage for 5 years now, this isn’t where my love for interiors and dressing my home began…

That began here, in this idyllic spot we called home for a while – a lovely Edwardian Farmhouse sitting in a third of an acre – a perfect place where little boys could run around and build dens to their hearts content.

This wasn’t how the kitchen looked originally, although it still had a charm all its own, with a little lean-to at the back and a walk-in larder. At the time, large extensions with Bi-folding doors were becoming very popular, but we had our hearts set on something far more traditional that still spoke of this homes origins – and so French doors opening onto the garden were chosen (with lots of deep ledges and sills for all my ‘treasures’).

I’d known from the outset that I wanted tongue-and-groove boarding on the walls to retain its farmhouse character. It added so much warmth to the kitchen and without it would have felt like an overly large and uninviting space. All the radiators chosen for the kitchen were reclaimed and refurbished originals. If there’s one thing I’d do differently now, it would be to have more of them – we definitely underestimated how much heat would be lost through the beautiful conservatory roof in the middle of Winter… although in Summer it was an absolute joy!

Oh and here’s a surprise – this wall was earmarked for a dresser from the get-go 😉  Something we didn’t realise about such an open plan layout is the amount of cupboard space you can lose when you get rid of interior walls. My dresser became a way of clawing a little of that back while still providing a place to display everything – this one came from Battlesbridge Antique Centre. Something I got quite obsessed about at the time was having Monkey tail fasteners on all the windows. A lot of the original casement windows (which we’d kept) had lost theirs over time and I still think nothing else looks quite as nice. The little chair in the corner is an original Lloyd Loom, in a colour that I love.

This photo was taken on the afternoon of my son’s prom (hence all the balloons) and it’s probably the clearest photo I have of the kitchen Island (I still miss it after all this time!). The Butler sink was a given, just for the sheer amount of washing up it could hold, and after years of struggling to shut over-stuffed Utensil drawers in other houses, we came up with the idea of a really HUGE drawer on the island to house them all in, which worked a treat. The rattan vegetable baskets were my little bit of kitchen eye-candy (although I think we ended up storing our paperwork in two of them!) …but my favourite part of that kitchen? It has to be that canopy above the cooker… 🙂

Next week in Part 2… More Kitchen pics… and a little peek at the Laundry room

Love V xxx

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